About BCR

Breakthrough Cancer Research funds the efficient and effective development of new treatments for cancer.  We work to significantly impact the number of people who can survive this disease.  Research programs funded by Breakthrough Cancer Research must focus on translating lab discoveries into new treatment opportunities.  To this end we work closely with clinicians in practice all over Ireland so that our research is targeted at finding new options for poor prognosis and incurable cancers.

Breakthrough Cancer Research was established as a new official fundraising body for the National Research Programs administered by Cork Cancer Research Centre. It builds on our history of over 15 years of research into cancer leading to more than 5 clinical trials and aims to better reflect the national and international impact of our work.

It exists to inspire and enable financial support from the community for exceptional research leading to more effective treatments for patients in Ireland and beyond.

Monies raised through Breakthrough Cancer Research are used to support focused research programs, directly fund scientists and purchase laboratory consumables.  It will enhance facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and ensure that all cancer patients throughout Ireland have the opportunity to access the most up to date and effective treatment for their disease.

The Doctors and Surgeons who work with us across Ireland do so at no cost to our charity and give of their time to our research voluntarily following in the ethos set out by our late founder Professor Gerald O'Sullivan.

Working closely with healthcare professionals, expert scientists, our donors and volunteers, Breakthrough Cancer Research facilitates the investment of the community in the future of cancer care. There is hope and that hope is in research.

For full information on “Breakthrough Cancer Research” and the “Cork Cancer Research Centre” please visit:

www.breakthroughcancerresearch.ie and www.ccrc.ie

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