Welcome to the official website of the “CORK TO GALWAY CYCLE”

Now in it’s 13th year this event has raised over €500,000 for various charities.

This year it is being held in aid of “Breakthrough Cancer Research” www.breakthroughcancerresearch.ie .


The “Cork to Galway Cycle” is unlike any other cycling event in the country today. It is an “EXTRAGANZA OF CYCLING AND FUN FROM START TO FINISH”.

The “Cork to Galway Cycle” is a two-day event designed to suit all levels of cyclist from the serious club cyclist to the absolute beginner who wants to set themselves an ambitious but achievable target for their first season in the saddle.

How can we say this?  The route is designed to be challenging in distance but very manageable as it is mostly “on-the-flat cycling”. Each day is approx. 100km in distance with two rest stops and refreshments at the end of the day as well. This means that you will never be cycling more than 35km without a break. At each stop you can avail of sandwiches, other foods and drinks and even a massage for those tired muscles. At each rest stop we regroup before the peloton moves out for the next stage. This creates a very sociable atmosphere at the rest stops where you get a chance to meet and chat with other cyclists and enjoy the banter about what happened on the previous stage.   

So how does this create a challenge for the stronger cyclist?? The stronger cyclists in the lead group tend to use the event as three fast-paced workouts each day with relaxing breaks in between. Kinda like three criterium events in one. There is always a bit of competition at the front that builds up over the two days with lots of banter at the rest stops over who did what on the last stage. Breakaways being pulled back (or not), sprint to the finish (all unofficial of course with no prizes apart from bragging rights). Then a relaxing break and a massage while you wait for everyone else to come in. A former national TT champion who did the event on a fixie two years ago described it as a brilliant, fully supported training weekend with loads of competition to stretch you.

Behind the “fasties” all the way back to the very last cyclist you can move at your own pace and you will always find a group travelling at your own pace to join in with. If someone falls too far behind due to injury or sickness (which rarely happens) the broom car has instructions to stay behind the very last cyclist at all times. “No one gets left behind on the Cork to Galway”.

Full on-road support will be provided, including mechanics, medical support and marshalling.

But it’s not just all about the cycling!!

To continue on the sociable theme we have an overnight stop in Limerick after Day 1 and the evening meal is always a very sociable occasion where you get to chat and have the craic with all those like-minded people you have met over the course of the day.   

This year we have a very special treat in store for you in Limerick. The King himself, Sean Kelly will be riding with us on Day 1 and he has agreed to host a Q&A session in our Hotel that evening. So not only will you have the privilege of sharing the road with Sean from Cork to Limerick but you will get to ask him all those things you always wondered about the professional cycling scene when he ruled the peleton through most of his amazing career. The Q&A session will be free entry to participating cyclists.

The après cycle in Galway on Saturday night is a thing of legend! You have arrived and achieved your goal of cycling from Cork to Galway, something many would have thought impossible just a few short weeks ago. It’s time to celebrate and we do that in great style at the party in Galway.

Then on Sunday……. You will have loaded your bike on a truck at the finish on Saturday. There will be coaches to bus everyone back to Cork on Sunday at 12 noon. The coaches will meet the truck back in Cork at about 3pm where you will collect your bike and make your way home after the best cycling weekend you will ever experience.

So, how much is all this going to cost me??

The Cork to Galway Cycle is a charity fundraiser for Breakthrough Cancer Research. As you can imagine, with all we provide on the weekend it is a high cost event to set up and run. We endeavour to cover all the costs of the event through corporate sponsorship, donations of product and services and by selling advertising space on the event jersey. That means that all the funds raised by participants go directly to fund cancer research. In addition to your €50 deposit you must commit to raising a further minimum sponsorship of €250.

Value for money??

Well, you get an event cycle jersey, two night’s accommodation, evening meal in Limerick, full on-road support for two days cycling, three rest stops each day, an evening with Sean Kelly, a party in Galway, transport back to Cork for you and your bike, you get to make loads of new cycling friends and much more.

You tell me!! Try booking a trip like this from a commercial tour company and see what it would cost.

For cyclists beginning a new pastime of cycling, don’t let anyone tell you you would not be able for a cycle from Cork to Galway. With us, you can and you will.



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Registration now closed.

15, June 2015

Online Registration for the Cork to Galway Cycle is now closed. For all enquiries please call 021 4226655. Thank you.

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Registration now closed.
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